All war supporters are excrement of Satan!

Dear friends!

It probably has happened to you that, at the end of a long day at work, you are suddenly immersed in a deep silence and you start to think about everything round you. These kinds of thoughts use to come up when you are in bed but have not yet fallen asleep. It can happen during a summer camp when you are near the fire, or at a river bank, by the water. But it is more usual to have these thoughts when we are staring at a starry sky.

Our mind suddenly presents us with questions like: What is the Universe? What does it exist for? What is Life? Does it exist anywhere else in the endless Cosmos or only on our Earth? What does the man live for? Is there any meaning in our being born and living on the Earth? Is there life on the Earth? Is Life eternal or not? What is a human soul? Is it really immortal as the faithful state or is immortality only a dream of people?

These seem to be simple questions. But there is one interesting fact here: many thousands of years ago our distant ancestors also thought about the same thing and tried to find answers to the above-mentioned questions. These days not only adults look for answers, but also our children.

Why are people so persistent? There is more in that than meets the eye. It was found that, human Life depends on the answers that a person finds for these questions. These conceptions of people about the World are called outlook; it means how a person perceives the surrounding world. In all the times people have had a particular outlook. Even our ancestors had it. In the beginning of the last century many scientists supposed our ancestors' outlook was very primitive.

But now, on the edge of the Twenty First century, they begin to understand, that those ancient people lived in an enormously wonderful harmony with nature, they used natural resources very reasonably and didn't destroy the environment. However our contemporaries, who seem to have progressive and scientific outlook, destroyed nature for the last decades so greatly, that the Earth itself is about to stop its existence! Rivers and seas are polluted, the air is poisoned, plants and animals die, people get ill and die more often, than they used to. The land feeding us is poisoned by industrial waste products and chemical substances. The causes of these troubles and problems is the wrong answer given by science to the most important question of our life. The cause of our misfortunes is wrong understanding of the meaning of life.

In this book we will try to find the right answers to these stirring questions. Let's try to do it together.

We are so used to everything surrounding us, that we don't often notice miracles around. We humans happen not to be the only ones in this planet who possess some level of reason. Let's take plants, for instance. On your windowsill there may be indoor plants, which you forget about, neglecting the needs of the plants. Sometimes you will water the plants but at times to forget about them.

Try to act in the other way. Try to talk to a flower like you do with any other living creature. Try not only water and talk to it, but send your good thoughts and wishes to it as well, so that it would be very comfortable and pleasant to grow on your windowsill. And you will see, that the plant understands you and it will certainly answer all your thoughts. It will grow faster answering you love. The flower can even blossom out earlier than it normally does. This happens, because plants have reason and can feel us.

Walking in the forest or in the park you could come across big ant-hills. These little insects can astonish us even more than plants, because they possess a higher level of reason. Such an ant-hill is reminiscent of a real city, where its inhabitants are involved in a particular activity. Ants have their own jobs: some of them find food or build an ant-hill. And others stand guard over its exist and don't let in strangle ants.

Life of a bee-hive is wonderful. Scientist discovered that bees can even talk to each other. Their language is the language of dance, that is the way they explain other bees how to fly to distant flower glades which are rich in pollen. Bees never sting their bee-aster, who takes care of them and their bee-hives. Insects? reason is more refined than that of flowers, but birds' reason is even more refined. They can build nests, hatch chicks, teach them how to fly and then, in autumn, they can fly away without a map and a compass. In spring they return in their native places and find left nests.

Let's turn our attention to animals and pets — although having them at home is very harmful. Take a cat or a dog for example and you will see how reasonable its behavior is. A dog is able to understand your words, questions and even your thoughts. It feels human love and care especially keenly. Defending its human friend a dog can even die for his live. But cats, on the contrary, are dark and vampire animals. The dark powers use them to fill people with the belief, that cats are good and helpful. But basically they are injurious to health, because they exhaust people taking away their living energy. This leads to diseases and, in some extreme cases, even to death.

Surely human reason excels reason not only of plants, insects, and birds, but mind of all animals living on Earth. No animal is able to perfect upon the Cosmos, Life and human soul, but man. We humans are the only ones who can think about the above questions and find their answers.

Let's go further and ask a question. Didn't Nature limit itself by creating such a variety of minds (from a plant to a man)? Doesn't the Reason excelling human on exist? Isn't today's man the limit of evolution of Nature?

Distant ancestors of man already gave the answer to this question. They supported Gods with a higher level of mind to exist. Were they right? If this Highest Reason exists, a man will sometimes face It.

Legends of ancient peoples tell us about the prosperous time on our Earth, when the Gods Lived among people, Helped them, and passed their High Knowledge to them.

For a long time this was considered as fancy. But in the Twentieth century they discovered remarkable things, which made a revolution in views on these Legends. For example, ancient astronomical knowledge astonishes. As scientists found out, about 5-6 thousand years ago people in Mesopotamia knew not only the eight planets of the Solar system, but they could also calculate their orbits. At that time there were not needed astronomy instruments and even heaven mechanics wasn't known then. Maya, the ancient people having lived in the American continent, developed their own calendar, which was more precise than those we use nowadays.

The Doghons, an African tribe, knew about the second invisible star in the double-star Sirius system and its 50-year period of turning around Sirius. It is well known that the Doghons learnt this long ago. But the contemporary science recently discovered this fact, when vigorous telescopes were made. The Doghons didn't have a usual magnifying glass.

Ancient people also knew about some contemporary technologies. For instance, archaeologists found the remaining of ancient electrical batteries. They had been made in a very primitive way, but when the batteries were filled with sea-water they began to work and produce electricity. It proves that in very ancient times people knew about electricity and even could use it in jeweler's art. But the science discovered current only in the Nineteenth Century! Hence an that old time higher mind gave that knowledge to ancient people. Scientists also paid attention to the fact that on the edge of the Bronze Age smelting of bronze began in different continents of the planet at the same time.

Everything seemed so as people of the planet just learnt that rather complex process of smelting metals, almost at the same time, but didn't discover it themselves by mistake or by chance.

There are a lot of similar facts in the world. Hence the ancient Legends may be right and many centuries ago people really communicated with the Highest Reason.

So, why don't such contacts take place now, in the Twenty First Century? But can such contacts exist anywhere nowadays? What do we know about the presence of the planet?

Legends of many different cultures of the World tell us about a very inaccessible place where the Great Saints and Sages live. This Land of Wonders is situated on the highest mountain peaks where eternal spring and youth and the sacred spring of immortality are.

Different peoples name this place in different ways. Old Believers of Altai call it Whitewaters (Belovodye), Hindus call it Calapa and Tibet people call this place Shambhala.

One of the Old Believers told us, "Many people went to Whitewaters. So our grandparents did. They missed for three years and came to the sacred place. But they were not allowed to stay there, so they had to return home. They told us great wonders about that place. But the greatest ones were hidden from us". One more legend about Whitewaters was saved for many centuries it had been kept like an innermost secret and only in a thousand years it became known. This story runs as follows:

"In 987 the Kiev prince Vladimir the Red Sun wanted to change the religion of his kingdom and sent six ambassadors to over-seas lands to gather information about their religions in order to choose the best one. However, the seventh secret ambassador was sent to the East, to an unknown country. This later ambassador was Father Sergey, a monk. Nothing was known about the subsequent fortune of him and only in the Twenty Century Father Sergey's story was revealed.

In 1043 in Kiev an old monk, feeling near death, confessed the secret, which hand to be passed by word of mouth as on innermost legend. He warned, "This legend will be the treasure of the peoples of the world only when the Date of the New Era comes." That monk was Father Sergey who had headed the Prince Vladimir embassy to that mysterious country 56 years ago. He mentioned the following:

"The country of Whitewaters is not a fairy tale, but a reality. In different world legends it is called differently. In the marvelous abodes there live effulgent, mild, longsuffering, merciful, compassionate, and sagacious Great Sages, cooperators of the Highest World.

These Great Saint Hermits, who are the one with God and its Spirit, work as hard as they can together with the Light Force for the welfare of the Earth. This place is the kingdom of pure spirit, beauty, wonderful flames, exalted fascinating mysteries, light, joy, peace, and inconceivable greatness.

A lot of people from all over the world have tried to get to this secret Country, but only seven called people get there once a century, only six of them return taking away innermost Knowledge, new senses, and shining of spirit and heart. And only one of them is allowed to stay there."

Some legends also mention the exact location of this country — somewhere in the Himalayas. Many people living near the Himalayas — where this mysterious Country lies, know about it, but hold sacred this great Knowledge and don't share their confidence with newcomers. Nicholas Roerich the outstanding Russian artist, scientist, and traveler talked with a Lama (a Tibet monk). Their talk runs as follows.

"Lama, tell me of Shambhala"

"But you Westerners know nothing about Shambhala — you wish to know nothing. Probably, you ask only out of curiosity and pronounce this sacred word in vain."

"Lama, I don't ask about Shambhala aimlessly. Everywhere, people know of this Great Symbol under different names. We sense how, under Secret Symbols, a great Truth is concealed…"

It was not that simple to learn something about this sacred secret from the Eastern people who know (these days there are very few of them in the world) about it. It was important to show, that you didn't ask simply out of curiosity, because only in this case you could be given an answer.

For a long time those remarkable legends had been supposed fantasy. But in the very end of the Ninetieth Century a Russian women Helena Blavatsky visited that mysterious country. And so did Nicholas Roerich with his wife Helena in 1926. They didn't only visited that land, but they also talked to the Great Teacher of the Cosmos (the Himalayas Mahatmas) and got Great Knowledge from them.

What is this Knowledge about? It is about Life in the Universe, the manifested Cosmos, tight relationship with the Cosmos and our planet. The Knowledge also gives some information about death and immortally, great Cosmic Predestination of human beings. This Knowledge can answer many questions searched for by many people, by adults and children, and by our ancestors and contemporaries for many centuries. Let's touch upon these Great SECRETS OF LIFE.

So, what did Nicholas and Helena Roerichs learn in Shambhala?

All of you have heard the fairy tale about Maugli, a little boy, who grew up in the forest among animals and was brought up by a pack of wolves. Naturally, this can only happen in fairy tales. But in reality everything happens just the opposite way. When a child grew up among animals, he was devoid of communicating with adult people, and he couldn't be as mentally developed as human beings. He couldn't assimilate human speech and learn to think like a man. His mental development stopped at the level of animal mind. The whole mankind, including the most intelligent people of the planet, would have stopped in their development as well, if they had been devoid of communicating with the Cosmic Reason more developed than people.

There is Reason everywhere in the Great Infinite of the Universe. The man considerably excels plants and insects in mind, as do Cosmic Beings excelling human mind. People ask used to calling this Reason divine and those, who have this quality, they call Gods.

But what is Divine? Divine means more perfect than human. The same is required of you if want to become proficient in some knowledge or develop some abilities, you have to study for a long time. There can be no other way here. Those who are called Gods, used to be like we are now, but they steadily developed and gained. Divine level of Knowledge and abilities. The whole Life in the Cosmos is based on collaboration and mutual cooperation. It means that wise beings of higher planets help those planets, inhabitants of which are not as well developed.

Try to remember your early childhood, when you could do little yourself and you were helped and taught by your elder brothers and sisters, parents and teachers. So does happen in the Cosmos. The High Reason helps creatures on junior planets develop. These wise highest Beings say to people, that they are not Gods, but people's Elder Cosmic Brothers.

The seven Cosmic Teachers came to Earth from other planets to help people in their development and to give them the Highest Knowledge. Many million years ago they founded SHAMBHALA, the cosmic Center of Knowledge on the Earth. For thousands of years people have been getting the innermost Knowledge from this very House of Light. This is the place described in many world's legends.

In the ancient times, when people were not as vain and self-assured as they are now, the Great Teachers directly communicated with people of our planet and taught them their Wisdom. Nowadays people have cut themselves off the Cosmos by pride and self-dependence. They even have begun to suppose Earth is the only inhabited planet, and the highest intelligent creation in the Cosmos. Such thinking has led to discontinuance of contacts with the Highest Reason.

The Great Teachers stopped direct communicating with people, but even now they continue helping people and giving them the Knowledge they have collected. Now they do it through mediators, the best representatives of our humanity, but there are few of them in the world. In the Twentieth Century Nicholas and Helena Roerichs were such mediators between the Great Teachers and peoples of Earth. What did the Great Teachers tell the Roerichs about the Mysteries of the being?

The man is connected with the world around by means of his or her organs of sense. We hear sounds and see surrounding things, houses, trees, the sky, the sun and the stars. Our skin feels touches of things, heat of sunrays, humid air and blowing winds.

As scientists say that everything the man feels is built of Matter and the whole world is material. But the contemporary man is far from perfection. Our organs of sense develop continuously and we can't feel and perceive a lot.

For example, we can't see or hear radio waves, but our radio perceives them easily. We can't hear any sound or read it on plane surface of a recording tape, but our tape recorder can. We can't see the X-rays and feel radioactive emanation of nuclear reactors. Such thing could be counted endlessly.

The world, which is mostly accessible to our organs of sense, is called the Dense World by the Great Teachers. Its matter is round and easy of access to our imperfect organs of sense. But there are invisible Worlds around us. They also consist of matter, which is so subtle, that we can't see and perceive it. In the world there can be met people who partially feel or even see this intangible matter, the matter of the Subtle World. This ability is unusual and supposed to be the highest level of eyesight.

In the 80s of the last century they used to talk about old Vanga, a Bulgarian woman. Children, many of you must have heard about her. That stone-blind woman could see images and beings of the Subtle World. In the present time, such abilities are rare, but in the future all people will have them.

In Nature there exists an imperceptible and super-subtle World, called the Fiery World. This World is of no access to human senses now, but it will certainly be, when people reach the level of development of their Divine senses. All the invisible and visible worlds surround us and they are inhabited and intelligent. The Highest Reason of the Universe is concentrated in the Fiery World. Every person (even an ordinary one) has elements of the Subtle and the Fiery Worlds inside. Human soul and spirit are the Subtle and Fiery elements of us.

My friends, if you look around you will certainly notice, that every thing surrounding you is not eternal but exposed to destruction. Our clothes are worn out. Plants and animals become old and die. After a long life even the man dies. The firmest concrete buildings destroy in due course and even mountains are not external. The same processes take their normal course in the Subtle World, which hasn't been seen by most people yet. It also destroys and grows old. In the Fiery World there is, on the contrary, eternal creating, eternal Life, and immortality.

And what about the man?

Our physical body belongs to the Dense World. It becomes as old and worn-out as our clothes. But the man is not only physical body. In addition the man has subtle and invisible bodies. Naturally they are not eternal either, though they live longer than the physical body. Every person has an inside — his soul — part, which belongs to the Highest Fiery World. People call this the inner part of the spirit. The grain of human spirit is as eternal and immortal as everything in the Fiery World.

Try to remember the time when you walk outside wearing many layers of clothes. Though the clothes hindered they weren't an obstacle for you to communicate with others. On the summer beach you wear only bathing suits, but you don't feel less mental developed than in your winter clothes. You go on talking to you friends, who recognize you anyways.

Our physical body is also our temporary "clothes", which help us live in the Dense World. Having lived up to the old age the man takes off his (or her) worn-out "clothes", an old body. In this case people are used to speaking about death. But what is the death? Actually the man can't just vanish together with his (her) dreams, thoughts, intention and hopes. Everything that the man learns during the whole live can't simply disappear anywhere.

Having lost the physical body the man doesn't vanish and doesn't stop being an intelligent being. Death is not the end of life, but a new form of existence. Even in such changed conditions people still recognize each other, communicates, recognize their friends and love each other. To understand why this happens we must first talk about the Cosmic Laws.

You know it is wise to follow special rules in your life in order to avoid troubles and great misfortune. Without following these laws your life could be just impossible. For example, crossing the road when the light signal is green will prevent you from being injured or even killed in a car accident. Leaving a flaming campfire or a stove can cause fire. When little kids, you were taught such wise things by you parents and elder brothers. The Cosmos has its Laws as well. They are called the Cosmic Laws, and they were taught to us by the Great Teachers. Misunderstanding and ignoring the Cosmic Laws brings great problems to the planet.

People broke the Laws in the Twentieth Century especially frequently, that has led us to such terrible conditions, diseases of Nature and society. Knowing the Cosmic Laws doesn't only give us the opportunity to avoid different problems, but brings to us the right outlook. This outlook is important for people to develop a positive mentally and live a happy life in our planet. Among many Laws existing in the Cosmos there are three of them, which the people of the Twenty First Century must know first. They are the following the Law of Reincarnation, the Law of Karma, and the Law of Freewill.

This Law states that every man (or woman) doesn't live just one life in the Dense World, but is born and lives on the Earth for numerous times. Having lived up to the old age and taken off the worn out body the man passes into the Subtle World. Scientists call this Subtle World, the world of the four dimension, and compare it with the three-dimensioned Dense World. The Subtle World possesses wonderful properties. Many miracles described in fairy tales are natural characteristics of the four-dimensional space and the subtle matter.

After living a bit in the Subtle World the man is reborn on Earth, back to the Dense World. Such a new birth is called reincarnation. The man gets new flesh, a new body. The Highest Reason constantly tried to explain this very essential Cosmic Law of Life to people, but not all of them adopted it. People in India, Tibet, and other Orient countries have known about reincarnation for a long, when the Western peoples lost this Knowledge. The adults usually don't remember their last lives, but little children (up to 7 years) more easily remember their last incarnations and even the life in the Subtle World.

In the 1989, 19th issue of Planet Echo magazine there was published the story of Titus, a Hindu boy. The 5-year old child told his parent that before he had been a grown up, and lived in the city of Agra, and had two children and a wife. When 30 years old in his way home two gunned men had killed him. His last life name was Suresh Varma and his wife's name was Uma. Titus's parent went to Agra and found out, that Suresh Varma had really lived there and 5 years ago had been murdered nearby his home. Dead Suresh's widow, whose name was Uma indeed, and his parent decided to meet with Titus after having heard about boy's tales.

At the meeting Titus recognized everyone, embraced them and even got interested in where his out-of-date Fiat was, because his wife Uma had come by another car. Titus got bitterly disappointed when he got to know that his Fiat had been sold. In 1975 scientists registered over 250 similar cases only in India, but they can be found all over the world.

In the #3, 1990 issue of Question Mark magazine, there was published an interview of Prof. Stevenson, an American doctor, who registered the cases of children stating that they lived their last lives not in a warm Southern State but somewhere in the North. These children described in detail the Life of American Indians. Following these children's descriptions, Dr. Stevenson found a village in Northern Alaska and took the kids there. When they got to that place they easily recognized the Land and its inhabitants. The children led the professor over huts and got him acquainted with the people, whom they had know well in their previous incarnation. On the whole the kids felt home.

In the #7, 1991 issue of the Orient Express newspaper, they described the case of reincarnation of Lama Rinpoche, a Tibet monk. This took place in one Spanish village. The one-year-old child, being especially searched for by Tibet Lamas survived their strictest trial. Different toys and other thing were spread out before the child and he was asked to choose those he had used in the previous incarnation. So he chose exactly and took Lama Rinpoche's bell and. Now child is over ten and he has gone to Tibet to continue the work begun last incarnation.

My friends, you probably don't remember details of your past lives because naturally children forget them by seven. But it doesn't mean your memories were faded away. When people gain the next level of their development, they recall their last incarnations.

You might have had the strange experience of recalling images some past experience flashing suddenly in your mind without knowing for sure what exactly they were all about. These kind of feelings use to come up unexpectedly and excite us in a particular manner, so we try to remember some more. But, after the first images come to our minds, the whole thing vanishes.

Sometimes, when a man comes to an unknown city for the first time, he begins to seem that he was there some time ago and everything is familiar to him. He can even recall a few details about the different locations of certain houses and streets, go there and make sure of his rightness. All such sensations are partial awakenings of last incarnations memories.

Why is the man reborn on earth? Our earth life in a thick body is a peculiar School of Life. We come to earth to take the next step of our development and advancement from the human lived to the Divine one. The purpose of incarnating is our soul perfection, character tempering, getting rid of bad habits and acquiring the best new qualities of spirit.

Different people's lives go in different ways. Some people live easy, happy and successful lives. But others, on the contrary, have hard and complex ones, and it seems that all misfortunes and troubles befall these people, who are said to bear hard fate. People often try foreseeing their future fate with the help of different fortune-telling methods. Some people try it using knowledge about the stars and planets. What is fortune? Is the whole human life really directed from Heaven? Can the man change anything or is everything in people's power?

The Great Teachers say that our life surrenders to the Cosmic Karma Law, the Fortune Law. People themselves have created their present life situations and now must reap what they have sown. If a man is good to other people this good will be back this or next life. But if a man caused evil and suffering to others he would suffer himself sooner or later. As people say, "You have made your bed, and you must lie on it."

It depends on people themselves what to make, good or evil. The Cosmic Law of Freewill lets us to choose the way of good or the way of evil. We constantly face such a choice. Before making any deed we have to choose between the good and the evil, and every choice of ours affects our further life.

Do you remember the following episode in many world fairy tales? The prince (or some other character) comes to the crossroad with a stone on it. On the stone there put down possible way of life, depending on chosen roads. The prince has to choose a proper road to go along farther. He himself makers a choice therefore HE determines his further fate. In such a remarkably simple way does the popular wisdom show the connection of the Karma Law with the Law of Freewill though fairy tales.

That is why it is so important to make good. Since the very ancient times people have been Given the following Moral Commandments: don't make evil, don't tell Lies, don't steal, don't kill, make good, live moral life, love people. All the religions have been Given to people by the Great Teachers, who well know the Cosmic Law and seek to teach people.

For example Jesus Christ, the Great Teacher, reminded people of these Moral Rules once again two thousand years ago. Had people followed the Rules, they would have avoided many mistakes, troubles and sufferings. But unfortunately many people had no wish or just forgot to follow the Commandments. They were rude and brutal, told lies, stole and raped. That was why in their next incarnations those people themselves suffered from lie, violence, theft, rudeness and cruelty of other people. Every human being himself or herself creates the future fortune and coming incarnations now. The Highest Reason teaches us not to believe someone else will come to improve our lives. Nobody, even Gods, can break the Cosmic Laws.

Only we ourselves can build the wonderful New World. But it can be done only if we begin to change and better ourselves. If each of us gets better, more honest and friendly to other people, the whole world around us will change.

Was there always so much evil on our planet? Will it lessen in the future?

As the Great Teachers said it wasn't a constant process. Once upon a time prosperity and peace covered Earth. People make evil surely because of bad features of their characters and imperfection. But there would have been less evil on earth, if the dark forces hadn't have made it in a conscious way.

The dark forces are those fallen souls, who have consciously and voluntarily chosen the way of evil and doesn't want to change it. Making evil they have created terrible Karma for themselves. The Twentieth Century is the culmination of the planetary struggle between the Light Forces and the dark ones. The dark forces have been making evil on Earth for over one million years.

During the last millennium they have been directing most of their malicious power towards people. But now their time is coming to an end. The major dark forces have been defeated already. Their remains will be taken away from Earth by the Light Forces soon and then the New Light Epoch will surely come.

Now the dark forces are especially angry before their end. They direct their main attacks against children and teenagers. Because it will be young who will have to build up the wonderful new world to live in.

The dark ones hate the Light Future. That's why they do their best to do harm you. They destroy human souls, the most valuable thing people have ever had, and do it in the meanest and most artful manner.

The dark forces inculcated foul language in our life and set violent books, TV-programmers and movies full of murders, violence, blood, sex, drugs and evil. They also hide exalted, Light striving music with hard, breaking rhythms.

All the above — mentioned things kill human souls, especially young ones.

My friends, only you can save and hide yourselves from this evil, if you understand the real meaning of your life and the purpose of the man.

Many people mistakenly believe that life ends after death. That's why they often find the meaning of life in acquiring different things, saving riches and getting pleasure. They think it will make them happy. Actually such people are the unhappiest ones because of cheating themselves.

Things and wealth give only momentary pleasure. When in childhood you saw a toy in the shop you certainly wanted one. You seemed then to be delighted and happy for a long time. But time went by and you got bored with that toy; you threw it somewhere in your room's corner and didn't often think of it.

It is likely that other similar experiences also occurred. Can you recall a time in your childhood when you did something in a most perfect way and then, with great joy, showed the results to your parents or teachers so they could share in your joy?

What mostly gladdened you was your creation's good for other people. What you have ever done is the result of your creative work. Only creation can give people genuine joy. A composer will be happy having created wonderful music, needed and loved by people. A musician will be happy having presented this music. A poet will be happy as well having written brilliant verses.

Not only music, verses, pictures and inventions can we create. We can also create perfect relations with people and cultivate best sides of our character. I mean to say we can create ourselves. A person even can have no particular talents, but his or her being kind, loving, delicate and care taking can bring so much happiness to people.

A person feels the greatest joy when his or well-done work or creation brings benefit and joy to people. So they say such a person works and creates for the General Welfare. The meaning of human Life is constant learning, perfecting talent and ability to work just for the Common Good. But the meaning of life can also consist of the gladness of eternal discovering secrets and experiencing new, unknown things.

My friends, do you recall a time in your early childhood where you were punished, when you dismantled and broke your clockwork toys? Why did you do it? Certainly, because you were deeply interested in toy's inside mechanism. It was a mystery, that attracted you greatly. You were eager to discover it without fail. And if you did you were surely happy. Such joy is the joy of knowing.

Great Nature possesses an endless number of secrets awaiting you and their discovering them will be inexhaustible source of the creative joy.

You must have heard a lot about unusual manifestations of the Subtle World such as invisible creatures, poltergeist, UFOs and aliens, visitors from other Worlds.

All these secrets are the Great Cosmic Mysteries waiting for their explorers. Nobody has known exact answers yet.

It will be one of you who will find proper answers and discover Mysteries of the Universe that are still unsolved. So much joy will it bring to you!

Our lives, just as the World and the whole Universe are driven by the force of LOVE. Neither the Universe nor the planets could exist without LOVE. Not even life on Earth could possibly exist without LOVE. Love is the virtue of Soul, and belongs to the Fiery World.

The only way to know the secret of Love is by accessing the Fiery World and reaching the Divine Level of human development. Dark forces are doing everything possible to vulgarize and deform our concept of LOVE. It depends on you yourselves not to fall on such dark and malicious tricks. First of all Love is connected with human soul. This feeling can help people to raise their souls and become equal to Gods.

But on the other hand there can be quite the opposite situation here. Having vulgarized and humiliated Love to the act of sex a person can become equal to beasts.

The greatest human achievements, such as the most splendid works of art, books, pictures and music, were created by Love. People made great heroic deeds for the sake of Love and delight sacrificed themselves to others. Love creates Beauty and Beauty nourishes Love.

That's why it's extremely important to gain Beauty everywhere: in words, deeds, thoughts, feelings and in relationship with people. Only in this case a person can reach the greatest perfection and be really happy. It is said by the Great Teachers, who have already gained divinely wonderful development.

All the spiritual achievements such as talents, abilities, knowledge and wonderful features of human character and soul are our eternal and immortal property. They serve to people on earth, in the Dense World, as well as in Subtle World. The man can't take things, money and other wealth to the Higher World. But the person does take his or her spiritual wealth there and brings it to the next incarnation. So the meaning of Life also consists in collecting not material riches, but spiritual ones.

Cultivate your talents and abilities, create wonderful facets of your character, make your souls perfect. This eternal wealth will always serve not only to you, but to other people as well.

Our grandparents dreamt about having a light future. They not only dreamt but in many cases sacrificed their individual interests to attain truth and justice on Earth.

A lot was achieved then. All children got the opportunity of an education. Ordinary toilers were given access to the spiritual wealth, art and literature. Small communities not even having their own written languages could develop their cultures. All those achievements were part of the common spiritual wealth of our planet. Many oppressed countries of the world — former colonies, were getting free of slavery.

Our grandparents saved humanity from world fascism, the most horrible event in the planet's history. Fascism was an overt attempt of the dark forces to gain the predominance on the planet (Now they do it latently). If that attempt had been a success, the planet and the humanity would have perished already.

Now it is very important for each of us to do everything we can for the Common Welfare. We must each strive to do our best to become better human beings while at the same time transforming our bad character features, which have been ignited within us by the dark ones. This is the only Way to save our planet and humanity.

The Highest Cosmic Force will take away everybody continuing making evil from the Earth to Saturn. People making good will stay on the planet and revive it.

We must certainly help the Light Force, saving the Earth. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we will see a greater number of people striving to improve themselves, thereby setting examples for others. Then, soon the New Light Epoch will come. Nobody can do it for us. We must make these changes ourselves. Each of us can do it.

After being in Shambhala-Whitewaters Helena and Nicholas Roerichs got the Great Knowledge and gave it to people. Helena Roerich wrote down her talks with the Teacher of Shambhala. Those writings having the common title the Living Ethics or Agni Yoga were published in twelve books in 1924-1937. The dark ones destroyed and hid those Books from people, but now they are easy to obtain.

When you read the Books, you will learn everything I've told you about and many other useful things. You should not only read them but also do a lot to build up new happy life when the Beauty, the Truth and the Justice will win on our planet. The Ruler of Shambhala, the Great Teachers, says the following about this wonderful time.

"My time will come and life on earth will change. Prosperity and peace will return to Earth. Cooperation occurring everywhere will be confirmed, enmity will disappear, wars will stop, and all nations will become the only friendly family. The earth garden will change and blossom. Animals will be forgiven, people will change, false science will become true. The three Worlds will merge all together in human minds, obscurity will dispel, the evil and dark ones will go away to Saturn, the planet will be cleared out of any sweepings, the human mind will change greatly. The kingdom of Light will come and no end will it have."

Dear friends, start building you future and fortune right now. Be creators! Create the good; make yourselves perfect, try to be deserving the coming Light Epoch and the renewed planet will let you into its Future. You are the children of Earth! You are the children of the Great Cosmos! The great Mother of Nature, the Mother of the World, Loves you and wishes good and happiness for you. Get to love the endless joy of Life, the joy of creating and the joy of eternal perfection!

Your fate and future happiness on the renewed planet depends on you!

When composing the book, the following literature was used:
1. The Books of the Living Ethics (Agni Yoga).
2. "The Secret Doctrine", by the Helena Blavatsky.
3. "The Cosmic Legends of the East", by S. Stulginsky.
4. "Letters of Helena Roerich".
5. "Facets of Agni Yoga".
6. "Shambhala the Resplendent", by Nicholas Roerich.