All war supporters are excrement of Satan!
A difficult time, but a Great time! In tension, among an enormous incomprehension by humanity of the principles of Existence, Maitreya — the Lord of Shambhala, gives the New Testament. He calls humanity to accept this Testament.

The Great Proclamation is a step towards the World's renovation. Agni Yoga is a forerunner of a Great Epoch. The Teaching of Agni Yoga is nothing else but the revelation of modern application of the psychic energy, the flow of which is approaching together with the Satia Yuga (Epoch of Light). So the Teaching of Agni Yoga marks the New Epoch. And notification of this Teaching is so inevitable, as it is undoubted the approximation of the Epoch of Light.

The New Teaching is given for the Future not only of one country or one nation; it is given for the whole World. The Teaching of Maitreya will give so much to humanity! The Great time is approaching! The Teaching of Life will be the basis of the New World.

The Teaching of Maitreya is a Yoga of the whole life. All the previous Yogas, given from the Higher Sources, took as a basis a definite quality of life, but now, with the coming of the Century of Maitreya, is given the Yoga about the essence of the whole life. The New Teaching comprehends all the concepts, which are the Fundamentals of Life. The Teaching of Life, with its cosmospacial breadth of thought, gives answers to all the questions.

The Brothers of humanity give the Truth to those, who accept the essence of Existence. That's why the Brothers of humanity communicate only that part of the Great Truth, which can be perceived by our planet.

People should prepare for the New Epoch. Everyone with conscious thinking excruciatingly seeks for the coming direction of Evolution. If this direction is found, then one's good sense strives to approach as soon as possible to the right Path. That is why the Teaching does not inveigle, but shows the Path. The searcher finds himself not in front of mysticism, but precisely in front of a conclusion.

The Brotherhood proposes the Knowledge, useful for the progress of humanity. The Teaching is given not for a novelty, but for the composition of a worthy life. Having studied it, one will be armed for the further Path, because his consciousness will have expanded and recognition will accompany him along the life Path. That is why Agni Yoga is given as the most Great and true Path.

Why is the New Yoga called Fiery? The phenomenon of power ameliorates the bright life and extinguishes every worthless manifestation. The appearance of Fire is a clearing of matter, with other words: where there is Fire, there is a sign of improvement. That's why the element of Fire gives the name to this selfless Yoga. Fire will not take away from life, it will be a secure guide to the Far-off Worlds. The study of Agni Yoga brings one nearer to the Far-off Worlds.

Agni Yoga is the next expansion of human possibilities, it is a Higher connection with the Cosmic achievements. The true Yoga connects the earthly consciousness with the Cosmic pulse. The multicolorful sparks help to get united with the Spacial Consciousness.

The Teaching, given by Mairtreya, calls the human spirit to the creative World of Brotherhood. The Teaching of Maitreya indicates the infinity of Cosmos, life and spirit achievements. The Teaching of Maitreya shows that the Knowledge of Cosmic Fire is an opening of Heart, which contains the phenomenon of the Universe. The coming of the Teaching gives to the humanity wings and Path to the Infinity.

There exists only one Common revelation, brought by the Great Teachers of humanity in all centuries. Every Teacher emphasizes that detail of the Common revelation, which is mostly necessary for the present level of consciousness.

With the coming of the Cosmic Date, for the new awakening of consciousness, the Bearers of Light — builders of the new steps of the human consciousness, are sent. Every time brings with it its new form of expression, which is most appropriate at that certain period, and also a wider notification of the Fundamentals of Teaching — because according to the Law of Evolution, everything grows, everything expands.

The Sacred Teaching can not freeze in one place. The Truth is one, but every century touches it distinctively. Every wisdom is irrefutable, but it will have its followers. One can not talk about New Teachings, if the Truth is one! The new data and new perceptions of them will be a continuation of cognition. It is notified not about something new, but necessary for the Hour!

Compare the flow of the Teachings of Life given to humanity. Every new phase of the Teaching does not exclude the preceding one. Every Teaching opens wider the new gates to Knowledge, without touching the preceding.

In such a way the invariable Truth is given to humanity in different attires. But exactly in the same way it is perverted, during the period of less than a century, by the disturbed multitudes. The Teaching gets a completely perverted appearance.

When religions are so much perverted, that they can not any more satisfy the inquires of a human heart and give answers to the Enigmas of Existence, this means that the time has come for a New Teacher to appear and give a New Teaching to the World.

A periodical appearance of New Teachers and New Teachings is a necessary condition for the human evolution.