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Armageddon. Fiery Path. Heart
Selections from the books of the Agni Yoga Teachings for the New Era

Heart, 1932

After our daily labors, let us gather to discourse about the heart. It will lead us beyond the domains of Earth toward the Subtle World, in order to bring us closer to the sphere of fire.


1. To behold with the eyes of the heart; to listen with the ears of the heart to the roar of the world; to peer into the future with the comprehension of the heart; to remember the cumulation of the past through the heart; thus must one impetuously advance upon the path of ascent. Creativeness encompasses the fiery potentiality and impregnated with the sacred fire of the heart. Therefore, upon the path to the Hierarchy, upon the path of Great Service, upon the path of Communion, synthesis is the one luminous path of the heart. How can the manifested rays be radiated if the flame is not affirmed in the heart? It is precisely the quality of the magnet that is inherent in the heart. The highest creativeness is imbued with this great law. Hence, each consummation, each union, each great cosmic unification is achieved through the flame of the heart. By what means can the foundation of the great steps be laid?

Verily, only through the heart. Thus the arcs of consciousness are fused by the flame of the heart.

Thus, we shall keep in memory the beauteous attraction of the magnet of the heart, which links all manifestations. Verily, the silver thread that links the Teacher with the disciple is the great magnet of the heart. The union between Teacher and disciple affirms the essence of all evaluations.

24. We are having a great battle. One need not fear the approach of the hour proclaimed long ago. It should not be thought that unhappiness creeps in when We see the battle for Light. One should not forget that persecution is the greatest success. One should not forget that persecution is the greatest success. Only a taut string can resound.

25. Without exaggeration it can be said that the majority of heart diseases originate because of wealth. Therefore, people who have embraced the Teaching depart from wealth to remain only its guardians.

73. Even in the most ancient times people understood the significance of the heart. They regarded the heart as the Abode of God. They pledged their oaths by placing their hands upon the heart. Even the most savage tribes drank the blood of the heart and ate the hearts of their enemies, in order to strengthen themselves. Thus the significance of the heart was shown. But now, in our enlightened days, the heart is reduced to the state of a physiological organ. The ancients drank from the skulls of their enemies; the chalices of the sacred rituals were made out of the sincipital bone. Those who knew about the Brahamarandhra center understood that the magnetic pressure transmutes the substance of the bone. But now people only laugh at these powerful curative substances. The most mediocre invention attracts a multitude of consumers, but the most powerful chemical laboratories are forgotten; whereas a natural coordination of the three kingdoms of nature provides the strongest compounds. One should remind people primarily about the significance of the heart as the unifier of the worlds. Is not the fire of the heart the very Fire of Space? One can clearly understand the constant communion with the far-off worlds which was attributed to the ancients; the magnetism of the far-off worlds affords imponderable power. But does not the heart feel the most subtle vibrations?

74. The concepts about the will must be firmly realized and distinguished. The will of the brain has become the citadel of the West, whereas the East has maintained its stronghold in the heart. In suggestion, the Western hypnotist uses the will, straining the centers of the extremities and eyes; yet this emanation is not only rapidly depleted but brings fatigue and, primarily, acts only over very inconsequential distances. In transmissions of the will spatial attainment is impossible; but the heart of the East does not need any tension of the extremities, does not needlessly exert the energy, but sends out its thoughts without any limits of place. The suggestion from the heart, as a natural channel for communication, does not bring harm to the one who suggests or to the receiver. The Western method is always apparent externally, but the Eastern act has nothing external about it; quite the contrary, the transmitter does not look upon the receiver, for he has the image of the destination in his heart. These are many numerous advantages in the heart activity, but to encompass it is necessary primarily to realize the significance of the heart. The power of the heart conquers absolutely everything. The heart may know the significance of far-off happenings. The heart can soar, fortifying the needed links. The heart can unite itself with the far-off worlds. Test it by the transmission of the will alone and you will realize the difference in the will of the heart. Maitreya's is the Age of the Heart! Only with the heart can one evaluate the treasures of Maitreya! Only with the heart can one understand how greatly all acquisitions, all straight knowledge are needed for the future.

75. Love, achievement, labor, creation-these summits of ascent preserve the aspiring strivings in all permutations. What a bounty of additional concepts they encompass! What is love without self-sacrifice or achievement without valor, labor without patience, and creativeness without self perfectment! And over this entire legion of benignant values the heart rules. Without it the most patient people, the most valiant, the most striving, will remain cold coffins! Burdened by knowledge, but unwinged, will be those who are heartless! It is sad not to come at the time of the Call! It is grievous not to follow the Hierarchy completely! Often people try to hide from themselves the rejection of the Hierarchy. Canst thou, traveler, open-heartedly be ready to follow the Hierarchy? Perhaps thy readiness is only up to the first turn, up to the first step, only where the Hierarchy can help? Wilt thou not forget at a difficult hour, or wilt thou remember Hierarchy only in abundance?

At the very beginning of the Teaching you were amazed more than once at the turnings and deviations of even those near to you. You can understand the full sorrow of seeing how, upon the threshold, the pupil often runs swiftly away into the forest. My hand is constantly with him who walks in complete readiness.

84. A spiritual battle evidences itself in an influx of blood to the extremities. An Agni Yogi with a fiery Chalice does not remain behind, help is assured when the flaming heart gathers valiant spirits around it. The Battle is not upon the physical plane; it is not the small earthly forces that battle each other, but Forces of age-old experience are arrayed to determine Their destiny! The earthly reflections of the Battle swell out like unexpected blisters, but the fiery heart does not follow the earthly signs. The tension is great!

People dream of freedom, but in what dungeon they keep their hearts!

91. Let us give attention to some seemingly unsuccessful actions which basically have a kind of special meaning. Sometimes one may observe how a man performs some actions almost without a possibility of success, but something compels him to act precisely in this manner. Such actions are usually not bad in substance, but they are often unjustly repaid. All these are karmic payments; he who receives them has of course forgotten about them, and on the way has lost many spiritual accumulations, but; the one who pays nevertheless strives to return the debt, even if the garment of return no longer fits. Nevertheless, the debt will be paid even though it cannot be accepted. One can also witness payment made for others, people close to one's heart.

92. An ancient legend relates how a certain king, desiring to free himself of all outside influences, asked counsel from a cage. The sage said, "In thy heart thou wilt find liberation." But the king became indignant, answering, "The heart is not sufficient, a sentinel is more of a guaranty." Then the sage bade him farewell, saying, "The principal thing, then, is that thou shouldst not sleep, King." In the legend our heart is pointed out as the only defense. Not without reason do all Teachings prescribe prayers before sleep, in order to strengthen the beneficent link. Humanity does not like to think that more than one-third of its life passes in sleep, subject to special and unknown influences. Science gives little attention to the significance of sleep this existence in the Subtle World. Is not a strong unity with the Hierarchy needed when we are at the threshold of something unknown to our habitual consciousness? Consider that almost half of life passes beyond earthly existence! Of course, a heart ready for all three worlds can continue the consciousness into the next region. Who would want to assume the destiny of the king who wished to depend only upon a sentry!

103. How can one safeguard people if they themselves do not wish to hold to the saving thread? Keeping in a correct direction is already a victory. Our help is ready to pour forth, but it must be for someone and into something. Who, then, can aid Us with straight and simple striving? The heart will help find this current and also the true path.

105. In the book Heart one must speak about even such simple matters as a living fire. The best people are content with electric light, forgetful of how many sicknesses are brought on by energies that are purposely sealed. So with rays. Why do they not notice that x-rays react upon the heart? So, too, they do not care to notice the influence of metals upon the heart. Many experiments are needed in order to learn even slightly to control destructive conditions. People wish to be relieved of sicknesses, but they hasten to multiply them. We should not be regarded as opponents retarding discoveries; on the contrary, we summon new discoveries.

It is very necessary to take into consideration the special conditions of the present. It is necessary to understand the new shifting of nations, the formation of new fiery manifestations, which can react weightily. Whoever can preserve a solemn frame of mind is acting correctly. Harmony and vigor are needed-but guard greatly the heart.

106. Also, why are women often awakened to the Subtle World? Because the work of the heart is most subtle, and thus transcendentalism appears easier for them. Verily, the Era of the Mother of the World is based upon realization of the heart. It is precisely women alone who can solve the problem of the two worlds. Thus, one can summon woman to understanding through the heart. That will also be useful, primarily because the quality of the heart is eternal. Already there are many heroic deeds among women, but now instead of the stake woman has been accorded the flame of the heart. Let us not forget that for each important achievement the Feminine Principle is essential as a foundation and essence. The heart cannot open to the Subtle World if it is not understood through a special achievement.

130. The most majestic experiments are reduced to the jests of fakirs who instead of inducing the growth of a mango by the power of thought deftly attach the fruit to the branch. Similarly degraded are the better human achievements, but we shall continue on the basic path in order not to infringe upon the law of Existence.

137. It is authentically known that some aromas evoke a tension of psychic energy on the surface of the skin at the origins of the nerves. Certain species of roses and the ingredients known to you as the balm of the Mother of the World are useful for this. The benign action of the balm itself is greatly augmented by the invoked psychic energy. Therefore, various forms of skin disease and disintegration of matter are subject to this action. Of course, when clarity of consciousness is added, the result is increased still more. Therefore, proper suggestion is useful even with the best remedies. Let us not forget that these indications are useful for the investigation of psychic energy.

159. Even dogs are aware of the Subtle World. But people are unwilling to pay attention to actuality. The Subtle world is exalted sublimation of the earthly sphere. Fire is one of the basic manifestations of each sublimation. But if people are so far from a realization of the Subtle World, what can one say about the World of Fire, where Fire is the essence of all Existence? After the writings about the heart, about Subtle World, one must write about Fire, about the Fiery World. How far that world will be from the contemporary understanding of life! But he who knows about the Subtle World will also wish to rise into the World of Fire.

160. It is correct to remember that even each passing shadow of a man leaves an ineradicable trace. What, then, shall one say about thoughts and words? The light-mindedness of humanity is striking, for with each step it leaves the most terrible stratifications. Humanity thinks that words can annihilate the traces of past thoughts. But who, then, creates the impassable labyrinths which show the peril of the destined manifestations? Realizing that the fiery sphere holds the remnants of thoughts carelessly thrown into space, one may recall an old riddle, "What cannot burn away?' "Thought." Humanity generates the thought which is firm amidst the layers of space. One ought to know how complexly sounds the space that is pierced with thoughts, so often mediocre and evil. But if you speak of the chemical reaction of thought you will be regarded as mentally not sound. Neither threat, fear nor counsel will help unless the traveler in the Subtle World smites himself against his own thought barrier. As was inscribed upon an ancient stele, "Traveler, do not bar thine own path!"

173. The Teacher has taken an eternal oath about the affirmation of the New World; follow Him with complete striving. Humanity needs to purify its existence. Thus reconstruction must begin from the very hearth, from daily life. One must not wait for movements of entire nations; on the contrary, the life principle will be rectified in the entire world outside of nationality, along the personal channel. Thus, one ought to remember first of all that it is not the former narrow boundaries that will divide the world. The basis of psychic energy is not limited to a specific nation, but will find a completely different world design.

176. Armageddon has already begun-the end of the year 1931 revealed the Great Battle, which I did not hide from you; therefore the end of the Battle cannot now take place until the victorious decision. Of course, all the sensations of the Battle react upon the heart, when the flaming pentagram must he upraised like a shelf. You should not be astonished that the events pile up, for the earthly battle follows a heavenly one. Much has been said about the Heavenly Host, about Michael the Archistrategus, about the appearance of an affirmed leader and about all calamities. Therefore I say - Caution!

180. No sooner is it told about the beginning of the Great Battle, when somebody already feels exhausted. What, then, will be said when confronted with innumerable hostile warriors? Every Yoga has its significant time, as a preparatory period, but there can be accelerations which must unusually intensify all forces. The great decisive Battle must not be understood as just a war. The very existence of that Battle is far deeper. It will express along the entire Subtle ad earthly worlds. It will express itself not only in battles but also in unusual clashes of peoples. The boundaries between the belligerent ones will be as tortuous as those between good and evil. Many decisive battles will be inaccessible to the earthly eye. The threatening clashes of the Subtle World will be manifested as catastrophes on the earthly path. The earthly courage will be reflected likewise upon the first link connected the worlds. Thus, swift actions can be expected along all directions. Cooperation has a tremendous significance in this Battle. The star of the flaming heart even now brings great help. This help may not always be visible, but one can cite the example of a writer who exerts tremendous influence, yet nevertheless does not know his readers. The same is true in the cooperation of the two worlds. One must be highly tensed in the days of the Battle. Of course, this does not exclude all other daily labor, and during each labor one must remember to dispatch it by thought for the benefit of Light. Likewise with each hostile arrow, it must be realized that this blow is accepted in the name of the Great Battle.

184. Previous human crusades are as nothing in comparison with the Procession of Maitreya. I affirm that the Great Battle is the renovation of Earth. The future must be understood not as a battle, but as an achievement. One can expect battles not only in their customary significance, but as a reconstruction of life. There may be various periods, hut one can sense in them the stengthening of the tempo of like, you already sense this acceleration of rhythm. Each one can sense its impact according to his own nervous condition. But he will inevitably sense a new cosmic condesantion. One can feel a direct, acute augmentation of the rays; one can feel alarm of striving into the distance. All these details will indicate the same new accelerated rhythm. One can understand how the intensification of energies builds a new step for the planet. It is not astonishing that Chaos breaks through, because vast is the Battlefield. Let us not forget to notice even the smallest manifestations. There is so much variety in the clashes of the fundamental forces of the world!

205. It is laudable to defend the Sign of the Lords. It is practical to train oneself in the realization of the closeness of the Lords. Just as it is impossible for man to dispense with food, so must he cling to Hierarchy. Not like a timber leaning for support, but as a vigilant guard let him be prepared to take the defense each moment and thereby multiply his strength. Likewise, although you know enough about the One Light, I nevertheless repeat that you should multiply your forces. Even the cross itself has no strength without the heart. Even the purest prana will not penetrate a wrathful heart. Even the Aum will remain as naught before a deceptive and treacherous heart. Thus let us remember in order that no obsession may penetrate the heart. You have examples of obsession before you and see what is being lost in the days of shameful weakness.

206. One can understand how greatly the ritual aspect of Yoga was demanded in ancient times, but now one should ascend by way of direct communion with the Highest World. The Yoga of Fire leads one upon this shortest path without abandoning life. This comprises a departure in the new understanding of report of the worlds. Before us we have an example of a significant step in the so-called Samadhi without withdrawing from life. It should be understood that this manifestation of the Mother of Agni Yoga is not easy to attain under the conditions of the Great Battle. The value of such a manifestation consists in that the usual rules of concentration are transcended. Precisely, the entire significance is transfixed in the heart-in other words, the significance of the entire rapport of the worlds is centered there. One must also mention that along with this the heart has withstood beautifully this saturation. Of course, the sensation of the present time does not result from Samadhi. Many times I have already advised necessary caution, in spirit as well as in matter. I beg you to guard the heart from outer and also inner disturbances. Extreme measures should be taken to withstand all attacks. It must be understood that yesterday is completely different from tomorrow, so unheard of is the rotation. Unprecedented are the clouds and one must encounter them joyously.

214. The guaranty of the Forces of Light is the greatest basis of the New Life. I affirm that it will be dusky for the dark ones. I affirm the Light of the future, which through various voices will ignite the entire world. I affirm the Teaching as the revelation of the New World. I affirm the most precious concepts as the steps of life. I affirm that no darkness can conquer Our signs. I affirm usefulness from the turmoil. I affirm the striving of the forces of the Subtle World toward the earthly plane. I affirm the hour of difficulties as a trumpet call. I affirm the salvation of all those who follow us. I affirm the reunion of many divided members. I affirm that path to the sunrise whereon the decision is one. I affirm the date of happiness which destines salvation for the world.

215. One must not fear the dark attacks. There is a multitude of dark allies, but they are like the branches of a torch. I affirm that it is the destiny of the dark ones to be the opponents of Light. But I am giving the summons for unity, as therein will lie a great experiment. One must give testimony to the world; and is not the temple of the spirit a testimony? I affirm a new understanding of Hierarchy. I affirm a new battle for the Banner of Light.

220. I shall lay down the first experiment in understanding my Indications. I Shall lay down the primary beginning of mutual work. I shall lay down the first indicated Command about beginning actions for the next step. I shall raise the first call regarding the Banner of Peace, which is suffering oppression. I shall lay down the first warning Command to those who harm. I affirm the first hour of a new construction, but unity lies only in complete conscious adherence to Hierarchy. In this, good must conquer evil; hence, the good must act. It is of little value if the spirit is good but the tongue blasphemes. For the next step each blasphemy must be exterminated; for the karma of blasphemy is close to that of treason. Thus it must be underthat blasphemy is the fate of the dark ones. This must be understood very thoroughly, because the one who blasphemes cannot know Hierarchy.
222. We constantly insist upon the conquest of every aspect of fear. This demand is not an abstract one, but is connected with one's immediate ascent. Fear, like many negative qualities, creates a negative magnet as soon as it increases. This magnet during successive existences will impel the personality along the implanted object of its fear. If a man fears anything he will inevitably be compelled to cross precisely the path of this horror, until he exhausts his fear. Therefore it is useful that a man, having realized the invulnerability of his spiritual essence, should liberate himself from all fears, for all threats are insignificant. Even the encounter with powerful dark entities is not dangerous if the firm link with the Hierarchy is safeguarded. Other negative qualities can also be neutralized by being conscious that it is unworthy to recur to them, since one must experience their rebounding blow.

232. It is no wonder that the heart senses what special ways are needed. Certainly the heart knows how conditions change a situation. But to await the condition is similar to awaiting the gale from beyond the mountains. The gale already thunders; is it speeding toward us? Will it not rip away the roof? Will it not wipe out the harvest? Who, then, will abate its wrath? Yet the Invisible Guardian whispers, "Call upon Me."

What, then, will purify the atmosphere except the gale? If on the highest mountains the purest snow is teeming with meteoric dust, how dense, then, must be the atmosphere of the plains? There is no room in the tumultuous city. Thus, let us look to the sunrise.

246. Many errors have occurred because of a false understanding of the evolution of laws. When humanity approached the fundamental laws based upon ancient findings, it usually forgot to take into consideration all the stratifications of the ages, which are so important. Thus, if you describe a circle in the air with a stick, it will return to its primary position already altered and full of new sediments. The philosopher who maintains that the planet is regenerated with each rotation is correct. In any case, it alters with each rotation; so, too, does the law, which, remaining impregnable at me core, is constantly encircled with the spirals of evolution. These coats are very significant, hence it would be erroneous to adopt the law of millenniums ago in its complete scope. Hence, we insist upon constant study. One cannot be satisfied with law that governed the planet during the glacial epoch. Similarly, one cannot compare the spiritual balance of a millennium ago with the present hour. Even chemically the strata around Earth have altered. Unapplied energies have been evoked, and thus chaos obtains new approaches.

246. Unnoticeably you yourself speak symbolically and conditionally. Therefore do not be astonished at the need for symbols in cosmogony. The tongue of the heart is the breath of the Supreme. Let us not burden it with superfluous words.

251. Some deny everything invisible. Not only savages but many literate people do not wish even to think about the stars. The teaching hint about countless heavenly abodes but people apparently are undesirous of hastening their path. It is the same as in the theater where the spectators weep, yet a moment after are ready to resume their wrath and to crush each other.

255. You know that the living fire is the most disinfectant remedy, but the nature of fire is the same in all manifestations. The fire of the heart will be a high manifestation of fire; this means that this fire will be the best purifier and protector. Therefore instead of various dubious and often poisonous antiseptive prescriptions, it is much better not only to have the fire of the hearth, but also to kindle the fires of the heart. It can be proved to what an extent the fires of the heart fight serious illnesses. Thus, our contemporary physicisians will sooner or later have to pay attention to all states of the fires. By barking at the truths, long since known, physicians will not reach the panacea.

You judge quite correctly about the Vedic gods; thus, the microcosm resembles the Macrocosm. I affirm that the fire of the heart purifies the densest darkness. But along with purification the fire of the heart is impregnated with the qualities of a magnet, and thus it becomes the natural link with the Macrocosm.

256. The fiery path should be understood as the path to the Sublime. Not words, nor fear, nor habit, but communion of heart is the most immutable and most eternal manifestation. Thus the rainbow bridge will bring that shore closer. How many controversies there are, concerning that shore; but it exists, and one must find the path to it. Not the withered leaf of autumn, but the flaming heart shall cross all bridges. He who does not think about the inception of the fire of the heart does not know the upward path; he does not want to see it in a radiant light.

257. Let doubt, which has extinguished the fires of the heart more than once, be silenced. One must rid onself of the worm in order to evade the dragon. Especially now is doubt destructive, because one may have only a single sword. In battle none may have two swords. Nor does one throw two spears or shoot two arrows. One can achieve by only a single thrust and through the valor of a sole striving. It is difficult, but success is near the fire of the heart.

261. Whoever is in the wrong will not stand fast against balance, hence the stroke of the sword must be within the law. Thus, let us understand the heart as the focus of the physical laws and the higest laws as well. This center was called the crossroad, and was represented by an equilateral cross; the dorje, like the swastika, indicated the rotation of the fire of the heart. Rotation and equilaterality are the signs of balance. In childhood someone has tried to stand on a ball, unaware that this is the great symbol of equilibrium.

268. Uriel is the Lord of powerful action. One can invoke different leaders according to the nature of help needed. If Michael unites with Uriel, it means that a powerful offensive is necessary. Uriel austerely mastered the elements upon Venus. Thus, one must temper with the power, accepting the blow of the elements. These mighty Forces must be understood as real.

275. The Teacher needs an especially clear consciousness in the disciples. But night, which obscures the consciousness, does not permit the propelling of the entire might preserved in its depths. Among the reasons for success or failure in the tasks, the condition of the consciousness occupies no small place. Even a slight perplexity or uncertainty in striving alters the result. For instance, someone may come to you anxious to help the awaiting from you only the impetus to do so. But you may be absorbed in some outside conversation, and the desire to help evaporates in a cup of tea. Besides, the custom of the country demands that time be filled with the most insignificant communication, and in this rubbish the precious seeds are lost. But if humanity would only value time, at least much that is vital could come about. True, this can be ruled by the heart in order to correlate the highest measures.

283. Pure thinking is the best disinfectant. It is time to accept thinking as having a chemical reaction. So, too, the manifestation of Armageddon should be understood not only as the usually accepted war but also in accordance with the events of the entire life. The obsession that was mentioned is a significant evidence of the Great Battle. True, Suicides and also physical and spiritual calamities permeate the convulsed planet. Special types of diseases of the brain and nerves and also many perversions are to be found among men. One is astonished at the waverings of the spirit. One becomes indignant at the way in which the best are met with threats and hatred, as though Earth itself strove to disintegration! Of course the mad ones do not behold all the luminous warriors and let the dark ones drag them down into the abyss. Thus, one must fortify oneself with all strength through the Hierarchy. Even upon an ordinary battle field, one should not cut oneself off from communications. Thus, by the simplest examples one must cognize the Great.

287. If you notice an excessive concentration upon physical yoga in someone, remind him again about the undesirability of such a limitation. Say again that the steed that known and performs many exercises is not taken for a speedy message. Thus, do not fall into the limitations of the body.

Every bodily accumulation also results in a new limitation. Only the spirit knows no limits, and the teaching of the future will be based upon the conquest of the spirit. The bodily yoga must be transmuted into subtle fires. The bodily yoga cannot lead toward unification with Subtle World; in it the heart does not hold an exclusive position. But the subtle transmutation will endure only through the heart. It preserves that fire-aptitude which is the only condition for transmutation.

288. Let no one hope to succeed by the bodily path. Karma is not in the body, but in the spirit. You also noticed correctly that blows upon the aura react primarily on the eyes. The membrane of the eyes confirms the essence of the subtle substance.

296. Let us see how the cognizance of Fire not only accelerates one's path to the Supreme Kingdom, but how it can also restore to our planet a certain equilibrium so badly needed. Correct is the path of cosmic rays, but without the heart, without psychic energy, the discovery will only be approximate. Pay attention to how widely the net of the Teaching is spread. Let people, according to their custom, hide the source; this is not important. It is useful that the Teaching be spread by unexpected ways to various parts of Earth. We can already point out such growth; and such affirmation becomes that best crown for the present day. Let us not wonder that the roots are growing beyond visibility; this quality shall be the true pledge of vitality. Can the paths of the Teaching be traced? A magnet acts according to its own laws. But from the mountain I can see the filling of space, and thus I can greet you.

302. It is instructive to compile a book about the harm resulting from bad thoughts; for oneself, as well as others. These thoughts are the source of many sicknesses. Formerly, only psychic illnesses were connected with evil thoughts, but it is time to discern the multitude of the most varied physical illnesses that are born of thought. Not only diseases of the heart, but most of the stomach and skin diseases are the consequences of destructive thoughts. Likewise, infectious diseases can be transmitted, not only by predisposition but through thinking as well.

This is not only autosuggestion but one may see cases when infection was spread by one person among many. One can see how physical effects proceed entirely parallel with spiritual manifestations. In this regard, it is noticed how certain organisms unconsciously spread a definite infection without being themselves subject to it. Already in ancient times such carriers of infection were known, but afterward the scientific knowledge was forgotten, and everything was attributed to the so-called evil eye.

306. The Teacher can point out the direction, sometimes he can forewarn, but many actions must be performed by the disciples themselves. Moreover, it is necessary to manifest these actions voluntarily. In this voluntary striving is contained self-perfectment. Each infusion of self-interest or fear will sever the salutary link.

311. The Teacher affirms that complete victory can be expected if only there is unity in consciousness. One cannot expect success if there is the smallest suspicion of the Teacher. Thus, it is necessary to work together, knowing that everything that is within the laws of the Universe will be granted. Who, then, will regard this period as one of the rest? No one, not even one who is not far-sighted will deny that the time is unprecedented, and one must even sleep as during an unrelieved watch. The Teacher understands that your hearts are also burdened. Each day the situation of the world becomes more complicated. Viewed from the angle of Armageddon this is entirely natural, but the consciousness to whom the idea of Armageddon is absurd raves, because it does not know its way.

312. Why must we take into consideration the laws of the Universe? Of course, they solve the manifestation of Armageddon for us. Losing the thread of Armageddon, we plunge into chaos. And there is no path of ascent upon which a salutary link is not needed. You know these linking threads in the rocks of ascent.

313. The consequence of the beginning of the Greatest Battle reacts primarily upon the heart of mankind. The affirmation of the heart is especially needed now, otherwise the ignorant heart will not be able to withstand the hurricane of the confusion of the elements. Therefore, think of the heart as the basic principle, which connects you with the distant worlds. It must be realized what actually burdens the heart most of all. Not special events burden the heart so much as the succession of small speeks of daily dust. This is very necessary to remember, because great events can even give a special influx of psychic energy. But Armageddon does not consist only of great events, on the contrary a multitude of small actions receive their evaluation, and to this shower of small currents it is necessary for the poor heart to become accustomed. I say poor, because in essence it already knows the great fiery spheres, yet in the meantime it must be shattered against the rocks of Earth.

347. A great task lies ahead for scientists-to determine the relationship between a volcanic eruption and the forms of the Subtle World. But this, too, will be understood shortly.

380. True, the battle of the past is not to be compared with the battle of the morrow. One must not think that Armageddon is commotion in the kitchen. No. The greatest guns are in action and the most fleet cavalry is involved. If we make comparisons with the past war then we are comparing Europe, as it were, with the entire world. I give this comparison lest anyone think that the present is usual and easy. One should gather all unwaveringness of the heart in order to find oneself in the ranks of Rigden. Thus, one should not forget the days that we are crossing.

At present there is no one who does not need courage. Only utter madness whispers that all will find order by itself - this cannot be! Because the dark ones have set aside the basic principles not knowing how to govern them, one should understand that the spiritual tension of these days is no longer in the dimensions of the Subtle World, but already approaches the Fiery World. The Teacher reminds that not terror should fill the hearts of the warriors of Armageddon, but grandeur.

387. Deodar oil has been called the balsam of the heart. Truly, some substances belong to Nature's heart, and their noble quality is conducive to the purification of the heart-so also in a rose, in amber. I cite the essences of various properties in order to define the scope of Nature's heart.

388. It is impossible to imagine what a battle is proceeding! The nearest may not discern their own, because the heart is inactive. It is not without reason that the Teaching of the Heart is so needed for the life of the future. Otherwise how will you cross the boundaries of the worlds?

390. Whoever loves flowers is on the heart's path. Whoever knows the striving to the summits is on the heart's path. Whoever thinks purely is on the heart's path. Whoever knows of the highest worlds is on the heart's path. Whoever is ready for Infinity is on the heart's path. Thus shall we summon all hearts to the realization of the Sources. It is correct to understand that the substance of the heart belongs to he Subtle and also the Fiery World. One can perceive worlds within the heart, but not within the mind. Thus, wisdom is contrary to intellect, yet it is not forbidden to adorn the mind with wisdom.

394. "And at evening he laid the thought upon his heart, and at morning he pronounced his decision"-has been said of the Sage of the Mountain in Persian annals. For many people this is simply a quaint saying. Yet an entire Teaching is contained precisely in the saying, "Laid the thought upon his heart." Nowhere can be thought be transmuted except upon the altar of the heart. Many readers of the book Heart will wonder whether they have learned something new and applicable. Such people demand a pharmacist's prescription to exalt their hearts with patent pills. For them the command of placing a thought upon one's heart is nonsense. It is difficult for them to dissect thought in their disturbed consciousness. And it is impossible for them to discover the heart in the convolutions of their minds. But he who has already sensed the altar of the heart will also comprehend the discipline of spirit. We send calls of the heart to those friends who meet upon the cross-roads of the East. We send calls of unity to those whose hearts have already sensed the music of the spheres. For him to whom the spheres are void the heart is only a sack of blood.

395. Who can fail to be serious now when all thinking beings realize the downfall of the old world? Precisely, the downfall! Because many things are not yet outlived, incommensurable ingredients are thrown into the one Furnace, and the atrophying lack of discipline carries decomposition with it. It is necessary to summon all valor in order to advance in thought about the heart. The vibrations are aquiver, and it is impossible to demand precision from warriors when confusion dulls the eyes. Conquer anxiety, for the world is atremor, but do not believe that one can continue thinking in the habitual manner. Think only of the future, only of the Teacher.

397. Often the projection of will is taken for the heart energy. One can easily distinguish a demand of the will in which the brain acts through the eye or through the currents from the extremities. In such an influence of the heart no external method is needed. It can be said that for the last century the West has accepted the methods of the brain because they are apparent, although superficial and imperfect, like everything that necessitates external technique. Despite its numerous declines, the East nevertheless preserved the methods of the heart. Thus, in all things, let us strive to the inward, in other words, to the depths.

403. One must understand that a boundary runs between Light and darkness. True, it is a tortuous line, but according to the heart the adherents of darkness can unerringly be recognized. Can he who is dark in heart strive upward? Will he reject lie and self-love in the course of life? Will he conquer fear when facing the future? Thus, discern that he who fears the future belongs to darkness; this is the surest touchstone.

419. One may ask people to think of the heart at least occasionally. At first, one should create a general striving in this direction. The planet cannot be upheld by only a hundred hearts. It is necessary that people should accept the heart, at least partially, as the guide of life.

421. A severe time requires a powerful armor. This must be accepted even more deeply by the heart. People must accept the scope of the world battle for the sake of encouraging each other by mutual efforts. Condemnation and derision are especially out of place. As in the grandeur of a temple, one should unfold one's heart upward. Thus one can approach more closely an understanding of the dimensions of what occurs.

427. No one would believe that you knew so much of that which occurs now, but, also, no one will believe in the signs which you are accustomed to discern. However, should one pay attention to those who do not desire either to understand or accept? You know many followers of the Highest Teachings, but do they apply them in life? On the contrary, their cruelty of heart and self-love are astonishing. It means that reason has deafened the heart.

444. Among the sacred pains there is a certain type which is called, "The Vina of the Creator" As chords on a musical instrument, so speed the pains of the centers of the throat, the shoulders, the elbows, the extremities, the knees, and other centers. Thus is the heart attuned. Undoubtedly, the contact of the heart with the Highest remains the only refuge of humanity. Other Yogas have corresponded to different cosmic conditions. The heart is set out like an anchor in a storm, and it is not difficult to approach the fiery Yoga of the Heart. First, one should sense the great battle and the threatening peril which gathers over Earth. Second, one should regard one's own heart as a refuge. And third, one should be affirmed upon Hierarchy. It would seem that these conditions are not difficult. But so often we prefer the deviations, and even prefer deceit, rather than to turn to the simplest ways. True, tension of the heart is needed, and not without cause was the heart called, "The Great Prisoner."

445. Powerful volcanoes awaken; the fire seeks an exit. People know of it, but do not renounce a singe habit. Likewise, it is difficult for them to transfer the consciousness to the heart. One should protect oneself against all poisons by the best armor. So, also people do not foresee national events, but the sequel is inevitably propelled. The battle is not easy; one must gather in one's heart all courage. Only thus will you keep pace with us.

446. At the end of Kali Yuga all processes are actually precipitated; therefore one should not regard the past dates as unchangeable. Even a half century at the end of Kali Yuga represents not an insignificant period. Thus, Agni Yoga becomes the bridge to the spirit which therefore demanded decades, now, through the way of the heart, are accelerated to the highest degree. One can accept Agni Yoga as precipitating the evolution of forces. Where for whole years one exercised refinement and tempering of body, the heart can move the spirit almost immediately. Of course, the education of the heart is needed, but this lies in the sphere of feelings, not of mechanics. Thus, let us hasten to invoke the heart for service to the New World.

455. The atmosphere is unusually dense! One must be especially dull-witted not to -dense the phenomena manifested with each step. The condition of the world cannot be considered normal. Yet the people of Atlantis also failed in like extent to see all that was already amazing. They even went further. They meted out capital punishment to all who pointed out the evident calamities. Of course, such a measure only served to hasten the destruction. People have never willingly acknowledge that they themselves are the basis of transmutation of psychic energy, and so they were never reluctant to divert the flow of this precious power.

466. The Chain of the White Forces should be constantly in one's thoughts. Not condemnation but only the future structure is needed. Effulgent is the White Chain. All Indications should be fulfilled so that the specks of imperil may not impede the might of the White Chain. All Indications should be fulfilled so that the specks of imperil may not impede the might of the White Forces. It is even beautiful to brush away all pettiness when titanic bodies are shaken.

474. The dying out of generations of human and animal life as well as the exhaustion of nature's generative forces indicates the end of Kali Yuga. This process evolves before your eyes, but only few take the trouble to notice this cosmic manifestation. Even you at times are prone to ascribe to chance the evidences of the austere law called into action by humanity It would seem impossible not to perceive the occurrences of recent years! Yet people nevertheless lull themselves with the consolations of yesterday, but should they perceive menacing signs anywhere, they fall under the spell of animal fear. Still no one darkens to the word about the heart. The great salutary substance remains unapplied.

You desire to gather Our talks for the General Good; let it be so, but the readers may be counted on your fingers. Many will turn over the leaves of the book and smile at the childish reasoning about the heart, about Armageddon, about the depletion of generative forces. It has already happened thus more than once. The very same must be repeated, and one can only wish that the end of Kali Yuga may not become The End!

475. However, not many firm spirits are required to change the perilous situation. A few flaming hearts can rise in self-sacrificing vigil and weave the firm net of defense. Not the supernatural, or magic, simply a flaming aspiration of the heart will unite the worlds. I have already spoken of the end of Kali Yuga, but some think of hundreds of years that seemingly remain. No allowance is made for the possibility of acceleration, although simple chemical experiments prove that reagents quicken manifestations.

500. The heart was always regarded as the focal point of life. Then people, in their hearts, become cognizant of the Yoga of Hierarchy, in other words, the link with the Supreme. Now there has been set down the Yoga of the Subtle and Fiery worlds; such cooperation of the heart appears as a new condition in people's consciousness. Precisely, we must not remain within the boundaries of abstract ethics. The events and indisputable conditions lead mankind toward new path; therefore we so greatly advise discarding the yoke of habit, and an understanding of our unique times.

Moses delved into the science of Egypt, but he outdistanced if through the Ten Commandments. Thus acts the Yoga of Hierarchy. Now We advise the scientists: It is necessary that you observe the heart with all your processes, and you will encounter manifestations that are not clear to you.

501. We shall suggest to physicians that they treat all unaccountable manifestations as belonging to the Subtle World — then there will be no errors. Let them begin to measure and compare all so-called healthy hearts! I deem it essential to understand how unusual is this time and how necessary it is to become accustomed to it. It is also necessary always to remember about the current battle.

502. After the pulsations of the world the tremors of human hearts are not frightening. Hence, a great touchstone must be applied everywhere, or else it will be impossible to exist, sinking into the slough of meanness. The scale of the entire Universe is needed where Armageddon thunders. Consolation lies in co-measurement. One's entire observation must be applied in order to evaluate the essence of the battle. And yet, people often understand the battle as something not beyond a street brawl, forgetting that the battle is in the mailbox, in the smile of cunning deceit, and in the restraint of Light, The battle is far more dramatic than earthly people understand. When I speak about caution, also understand it in seven ways.

521. I advise to be prepared in heart to fulfill the Command of the Teacher. Sometimes a move is needed which cannot be revealed. Upon the mountain paths one cannot walk either to the left or right but only straight ahead. One can neither jump into the abyss nor climb upon a steep rock. The path is one and the destination is seen from above.

My Counsels are analogous to a father's farewell to a departing son. The trunk for the voyage must contain objects for all conditions of life; but in the secret place is hidden the heart, and for a long time I shall still call after you, "Chiefly guard the secret place!"

531. The waves of anguish do not issue from the apparent causes, but from the battle itself. You must aspire toward Us like warriors who keep their eyes fixed on the Banner. Some will ask why Our letters of fifty years ago do not resemble Our writings of today. But, even the book Calldoes not resemble the book Heart for at that time there was no Armageddon. Let them understand that Armageddon changes many circumstances of life. It is impossible to apply peaceful measures in time of war; hence a garment of armor is needed, and chiefly, to strive to the Lords.

543. Man manifests the most disgraceful spectacle by starting to read a book with a firm intention not to take into consideration its contents. From this issues the remark, "I know everything, everything is old." Yet the simplest advice has remained without application. It can obviously be seen how even the most essential observations were specifically neglected in order thus to depreciate the Teaching. One may lightmindedly, but not a single Indication can be disregarded. We speak now about the education of the heart; but will we not hear from the most stupid that they knew about it long ago? Whereas they think more about cutting their mails than about the heart. Heart attacks are most often caused precisely by failing to think of the heart, and we are ready to succumb to any overindulgence rather than admit to ourselves respect for the heart, as the center of existence.

552. It is necessary to keenly look above bargaining and cheating. Before Our eyes is human ruin Thus, it should be realized that in evoking Armageddon all are guilty, and therefore none may evade it.

554. The savage in his prayers pleads primarily for mercy for himself, whereas the wise anchorites pray for beneficence for the world - therein lies the difference between a savage and the wise ones. This should be set into the foundation of all thoughts. It is neither fitting nor useful to plead for oneself. Only the crude heart presumes itself to be the most important. But it is much wiser to pray for the world, in which you yourself will also find a drop of Bliss. Especially now it is necessary to proceed along the great path, only thus can the heart be reached.

555. It is sad that even many of those who have heard of Armageddon nevertheless continue to live according to the measure of yesterday. Warn the friends again about the need to master the strategy of Armageddon. The blind ones desire all things to be as before, but this can be likened to flowers upon ice.

575. Discussions about children's education are right, but also in this case the question of the heart is neglected, whereas the manifestation of the heartbeat is very close to the attention of children. It is actually easy to tell children about the treasure of the heart. I consider that this story will remain as the first ascent for one's entire life.

588. Regard wealthy prophets with special caution — in reality they do not exist. True, we cannot let a messenger starve; but let not earthly wealth with all its burdens be "The Dragon of the Threshold." Let us remember that Apollonius of Tyana was wealthy, but only in order that he might distribute his wealth; so, also, although Our caravans do not carry a load of gold, they nevertheless advance. Thus, let us be together.

590. Of traitors one must say with sorrow — they have died forever. The seed of the spirit will not withstand the burden of treason — this abomination.

591. Each despair signifies limitation. The heart signifies Infinity.

592. Suicide is a profanation against the heart, and the extreme limit of ignorance. A premeditated murder is likewise against the heart.

593. But beauty is contained in each participation in the construction of the New World. This is the true realm of the heart. This desired purification of life gives that solemnity which is like an inextinguishable Light.

594. He who has once approached the Fiery Teaching transforms his substance of yesterday.

597. Let us not think that little is given to us, let us leave this doubt to madmen. Much is given, the heart is strengthened again, and the approach to Hierarchy and to the Subtle World in full consciousness is also given. But it is only the heart that will bring one to the Fiery World. Let us approach it without terror; we cannot say without tremor, for this beat of the rhythm is inevitable, however, it will not be terror but solemnity.

599. A legend of the Uighurs speaks of the giant who captured the Black Dragon and chained him with many fetters. The giant left his sister to guard the dragon and himself hastened to the end of Earth to announce his victory. But when the giant reached the distant lands he heard his sister's call, and understood that the dragon was rending the chains. The giant hastened back, but when he saw the seas, he realized that he would be late if he continued by this way. Hence the giant determined to go from one mountain to the other, avoiding the seas, the forests, and the marshes; only thus did the giant arrive in time. And as the dragon was cleaving through his last chain the giant again chained the Black Dragon.

Let us remember this parable and hasten along the summits. Thus, proceeding from summit to summit we shall more easily meet those who are in various lands, various garbs, but who live by one heart. Thus let us approach the Fiery Gates.